Tuesday, October 14, 2014

God’s Voice

by:  David Michael Beechwood

This article is premised on the ancient Hebrew Scriptures.  Why, because this is the best place to find God’s voice.  This is not to say his voice cannot be found elsewhere.  His voice was there before the Scriptures existed.  Long before the bible was assembled for us to read his voice was heard by many individuals.   I will go into this further a little later on.  For now I would like to pose the basic question which this article will discuss.  Have you ever wondered why there are so many religions in the world?

If you have you are not alone.  The scriptures themselves also touch upon this question in several places.  The answer that is generally given is pretty simple.  In essence the words written in the bible are not heard in the same way by everyone.  This lack of hearing spawns numerous additional complexities, which appear to all be linked to individualism's we all have.  We sometimes like to put our own spin on things especially if we don’t fully understand things.  It could also be that we read the words in the bible but then don’t fully consider their meanings.  In a sense we hear them but then don’t reflect on what was really said.  We don’t have time to.   It is easier for us to let others figure those words out for us.  Trusting others with this task is a big mistake; even bigger than letting other influence your political decisions. 

As any lawyer might tell you every story has multiple versions.  To get to the bottom of things you often require a lot of time and study.  This seems strange because many of those ideas in the bible seem pretty easy to follow.  You would think we all should understand the meaning for principles like; the golden rule.  “Do onto others what you would have them do onto you,” or “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”  Sure some people might have a mental defect and be confused about this.  There are also, for sure, evil people in this world that seemingly will never follow these principles of good.  These days we are forced to face the fact that far too many of us are siding with those calloused evil people.  Many of us are paying them to give us their interpretation of the meaning for life.  My advice; don’t waste your money on false teachers.

 We only have to watch the news to see that an alarming number of people don’t follow the golden rule.  Could so many people really believe that the world is better off by disregarding that policy?  The golden rule and a whole host of other important concepts are found in those Hebrew Scriptures.  The Christian religion does not reject any of those scriptures.  In fact Jesus himself said he came not to change any of the words of those old ancient scriptures.  The Christian religion thus builds on those early writings.  These writings are the Hebrew Scriptures; which hold the basic wisdom's of God.  

If those wisdom's, found in those scriptures, were carried forward to all of the world’s newer religions, then we should all be in general agreement with each other’s beliefs.  That is we should all be working off the same guidelines; shouldn't we?  Despite being told that all the major religions follow the same God, I have found that this is not the case.  There is a greater divide than many of the religions care to admit.  It is obvious that many religions haven’t listened to God’s voice.  It is obvious because if they truly heard God’s voice, than their would only be one religion.

God requires that we study his word in order to learn his meanings.  This study continually brings us a clearer and clearer understanding that God is a loving God.  We should strive to be like him, as much as possible.   For those that do study God’s voice tells them that we will know a man by the fruit that he produces; by the work that he does.  If a man does evil or teaches evil he produces bad fruit.  Clearly people like this didn't study God’s word and thus they didn't hear God’s voice.  They very likely allowed other men to do their reading and thinking for them. 

How then do you know God’s voice is not just some man’s voice; after all those scriptures were written by man?  This is really a question of knowing the difference between right and wrong.  If I tell you that 2+2=5 you don’t get that same feeling of resolution that you get if I tell you that 2+2=4; do you?  However, the secure feeling or correctness is premised on you having studied enough to know the correct answer for yourself.

Most of us have an innate understanding of what is right, but this understanding is expanded by personal studies.  Those studies lead us into finding more and more truths.  Would you trust someone who, throughout their life, studied math books full of wrong answers to handle your bank account?  The joy you feel when you know the right answer is a clue to why you should study the written word.  The more you study the more assured you are that our God is good not evil.  If you think he wants you to cut someone’s head off, you for sure haven’t heard God’s voice.     

When did those original wisdom's of God start coming into the world?  The bible tells a story which predates the Hebrew religion itself.  Remember that story started even before Adam and Eve.  There wasn't any religion, at all, for a long time.  Adam and Eve actually knew God so there wasn't really a need, at that time, for a religion based on faith.  However, God began to have a limited contact with mankind, after the expulsion from the Garden of Eden.   The family tree grew larger and larger and drifted apart, and often away from God in many cases.  By the time of Abraham there were already many false religions.  Yet even those false religions had some useful content in them which really were inspired by God.  Some religions were often inspired by God’s nemesis, Satan, and your nemesis as well.  It is important to note that many generations of people existed prior to Abraham.  Abraham’s parents practiced a false religion; as they had also drifted away from God.  Still prophets of God from the very beginning tried to steer people toward the wisdom's of God.  Those previous generations thus, each had some wisdom from God; though they might not have understood that.   

For generations both truths and twisted concepts existed alongside each other making the total wisdom of God difficult to achieve.  Those Godly wisdom's or truths are however universal and timeless and just required people with inspiration to come along and separate them out from the corruption.  These truths, you see, were often part of some very ancient religions which predated Abraham.  Did God inspire any of these ancient men, hoping to give them useful insights; why not?  It seems that while he may have tried, none of them were ever able to put all of the truths of God’s wisdom together.  Abraham was chosen to begin the process. 

The world had worked its way into a very corrupted state.  God needed someone to put some of these wisdom's together so that there could be a way to help people out of the corrupt nature of this world.  Abraham was inspired by God to begin the consolidating process which resulted in the inspired words of God being expanded and written down.   He is responsible for bringing together God’s original seeds of truths.  Those truths provided us with the chance for enlightenment; but only if we study.  He understood those seeds of wisdom's and under the direction of God he began the process which led to the Hebrew religion. 

Now the Christian bible makes no apology for using the entire text of the Old Testament.  There is no need to change a word of it.   II Peter 1:20-21 says this, “…..that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.” For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.”   More recent religions and denominations have often violated this directive.  What does this mean?

To me this means that most of these churches are founded on the will of man and not on God’s voice.  This means that some “man” picked up the scriptures and then went on to interpret them as he saw it.  For example in the Christian religion there are over 250 denominations.  In order for these new religions to spring up, some part of the original scripture’s meaning had to be altered.  In doing so these denominations violated the principle stated in II Peter.  In other words they assigned the prophecy of man to those verses.  They used the voice of man, and not the voice of God to interpret those scriptures and than start their own new religion.

One problem we humans often have is that we want to have all the answers right now.  This causes us to make up our own answers when we don’t understand things.  We use our own voices to explain the Holy Scriptures instead of being patient and letting the voice of God explain them.  This can take time and lots of study.  Some of those scriptures are indeed hard to understand.  You might have heard the old expression that the word of God is pregnant?  This means that over time the word grows.  Each individual, if they try to listen to God’s voice, gains, over time, more understanding of those difficult verses.  His voice doesn't really have conflicting thoughts; it’s our impatience that generally creates this illusion. 

In order to understand God you need to understand his nature.  God is a loving God.  This concept doesn't come through to many people who haven’t spent the time required to grow in his wisdom.  If one studies the scriptures long enough you see that there is a current which circulates in it.  It is not a current which threatens to pull you under, but rather a current which pushes you to truth.  Part of that truth is that God is a loving God.  To a good student of the scriptures God’s nature pops right out early on in their study.  God is there to help not hurt.  Verses, which might be construed to be hurtful or evil in nature, are often those verses which we just haven’t a full understanding of; yet.   With patience many of them get cleared up, as we learn their true inspirations.

Many false man made religions are easy to spot because they harbor ill will towards God’s children.  They make the world a more difficult place to live in.  Yet they are there, just as God’s word said they would be.  God’s true voice hasn't reached these people so many of them will unknowingly bring about their own individual downfall.  It should be our hope that they will take the time to understand the true nature of God.  God will be returning, will you be counted as one who listened to his voice or one who listened to the voice of a man.  

I reserve the right to revise and extend my remarks. 


“…………….For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covet means, for expanding its sphere of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion on subversion instead of elections on intimidation instead of free choice, on gorillas by night, instead of armies by day. Its is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit highly efficient machine that combines Military, Diplomatic, Intelligence, Economic, Scientific and Political operations. Its preparations are concealed not published its mistakes are buried not headlined; its dissenters are silenced not praised. No expenditure is questioned no rumor is printed no secret is revealed………………....................................” "President Kennedy's speech to The Press" To watch see side bar under: Videos-Social Issues

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