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How Big is our Earth?
by:  David Michael Beachwood

Fortunately most of us have imaginations which allow us to contemplate just how big or how small our Earth really is.  In general people do however tend to view this world as a very large place; in fact many people argue it is extremely big.  This idea comes mostly from the personal view we ourselves have of the world.  We of course are very small compared to the Earth.  Since we are fixed here on Earth we are predisposed to thinking this idea is correct.  Suppose however that we are mistaken, suppose the Earth isn't as large as we think it is. 

You might have seen one or more simulations where we are told the following.  Imagine that you were aboard a rocket ship that is being launched from your house here on Earth.  Traveling upward you look back and watch your house get smaller, you than see your whole street, your whole city, your state, country, continent, Earth itself, than the moon.   All appear to get smaller and smaller as you travel away from where you started.  You can’t see your country anymore in fact even the earth is getting very small.  Now you speed up and you witness the solar system and our star, the Sun, as it recedes into a cloud of other stars which make up our galaxy.  We continue on watching the galaxy shrink to the size of a speck of light along with a whole host of other galaxies.  We are now reaching the limits of our imagination here as we reach the rim of our known Universe.     

If your eyesight had the ability to enhance itself hundreds of times.  You could look back toward home and you begin to see those little specks of light again as if they were little specks of dust glimmering in a sun beam.  Your world is nowhere to be found it is so small that it is minuet compared to one of those specks of light, which in reality are each a galaxy on to itself.

Now imagine yourself as a person back here on Earth actually watching dust in the sun light coming through your window.  This perspective helps to expand our mental image of just how tiny we are.  It is amazing that we have the capacity, as minuscule as we are, of making this mental journey.  We humans are blessed with this ability to see, but will we use the insight to better ourselves? 

Our imaginations can even extend our insight even further.  Envision our Earth again.  This time consider that about three quarters of it is covered with water.  That leaves roughly one quarter of the earth above water.  Of this land about one third of it is not arable, usable to grow food on.  This is because it contains mountains, deserts, swamp, or is ice covered.  We should also consider that we have seasons which prevent the growth of crops; therefore further reducing our resources.  This information should add another dimension to your sense of how big our earth isn't.

Now that we have these perspectives in mind this should help us to consider the following.  What if each person on earth wanted to have a middle class standard of living?  Perhaps like that of the middle class of the United States back in the 1960’s.  This standard required several acres of land per person to achieve.  It also requires a carbon foot print that is a bit large as well.  

Let’s consider the food required for this lifestyle.  We need lots of land to produce what we consume.  Remember there are a lot more animals on earth than there are humans. This means animals such as lambs, beef cows, milking cows, goats, pigs, turkeys, chickens, etc. have to have land for their use.  There are farms all across the world which provides space for grazing, feeding, and wintering; all this just to raise these animals.   Next these animals have to go to market.   Land has to be available for holding areas, slaughter houses, packing plants, temporary storage, and transport.  So far this only considers the animals we eat and only in part. 

Large areas of land are required to plant and grow the food that not only we eat, but the food our animals eat.  Consider that we plant rice, wheat, rye, corn, hay, grains, oats and all the other things both we and the animals eat.  Equally needed is land for food receiving, preparation, packing, storage, and transport.  With all the millions of businesses performing these tasks the land requirement is something most of us don’t think about.  Billions of acres are required.

Also using up available land are our roads, parking lots, hospitals, schools, businesses, governmental buildings, driveways, storage garages, warehouses, trains, airports, coal fields, oil fields, mineral fields and of course our homes.  Just to name only a few.  I hope you are beginning to imagine the Earth isn't as big as you might have once thought.  In fact the diameter of the Earth is only Eight thousand miles.  That isn't a very large number stacked up against the number seven and half billion, which is the approximate number of humans living here on Earth.  The illusion of there being a lot of open space is just that; an illusion.  That illusion is made possible by multiple millions of people being channeled into living in cities whose populations are stacked up in multistory buildings, or crammed together so closely that it is sad to see.

Imagine if we could vacate all of the existing arable land of all its structures so that all that remained was empty fields.   If we could spread the world’s population out and divide that arable land up among everyone today; we would all have a about 1.5 acres of land.  However if we did this we would somehow have to find a way to give up much of our individual spaces for the requirements listed above.  That is the space required to raise our animals and plants that we eat.  The space needed for the roads, hospitals, police and fire departments, water treatment facilities, businesses and shopping areas; to name just a few.  Where would we put all of these necessary things? You might be saying not on my land?

I hope you can now imagine that the world is already overcrowded.  Evidence for this fact is that much of the world is already under fed, more and more people are becoming homeless, and people are forced to leave their countries because they don’t have the land to live off of.  In other words the land in their area of the world just isn't available for their use.  Land resources have been consumed or controlled by the existing population and are not readily available to allow a growing population to succeed.

The human race has another problem when it comes to sharing land; many people don’t want to have just an apartment or a house on a lot, for some even a hundred acres isn't enough for them.  Many people want a living standard that is much higher than that of the common citizen.  It would be nice for all of us to have such a high standard, but if some people control large amounts of land than other people have to have less land.  Land is a limited resource; people on the other hand, can be produced to excess.  Our world is not creating millions of acres of new land every year, but our population is creating millions of new people every year.  Without land to raise their lifestyles their only hope is to use someone else’s land.  That is to try to find someplace with less people and more land.  That place isn't China or India or South America; even the poor people of Europe and the United States are already feeling the pain. 

Incidentally the living standard for the common person here in the United States hasn't been going up in recent years.  This is in part due to unreported inflation, lost social benefits and hidden taxes.  It is true that some of those in the top 10% of the population have seen personal wealth increases.  The middle class however has continued to shrink.  Worst yet the likelihood of a better lifestyle for the common citizen is not on the horizon; despite the optimistic news reports.  Those news reports are sponsored by the top 10%.

The reality is that the pressure of more and more people being born each year is making it harder and harder on those who are not in the top 10% of our economies.  Adding to all of the problems we already have here in the United States is the growing number of people flooding in from outside of our country.   They are coming from countries where excessive overpopulation, and limited land resources, is causing living conditions to get so bad that they don’t really want to, or can’t, live there anymore. 

If people don’t start to think of themselves as being a part of this worldwide problem; they are just going to continue to overpopulate the earth.  This will cause more suffering as this population will again want to migrate to anywhere on earth that will take them.  This will continue until the whole world is suffering as bad or perhaps worse than the country they left.  This is not something we should encourage.  It is not something to look forward to. 

Only a very few people seem to be speaking out about this problem in the main stream press.  Their words are seldom heard.  China, perhaps, understands this issue.  In their isolation they tried to address it by limiting population, but many people there refused to comply.  Their life styles degraded to a very low point.  In the late 1960’s business interest found that they could take advantage of the terrible conditions and make money from it.  China wanted to have a higher standard of living.  Many people just wanted to live so they were happy to work for less.  Their lifestyles were so low that “less” was a good deal for them.  Most of them didn't have home mortgages or pay local, state, and federal taxes. They were a low expense society whose labor was ripe for the picking.

Today China has come out of isolation and they have secured land resources through the use of the money they received from their hard, but cheap, labor force.  Their extremely poor lifestyles have improved through the use of land resources obtained in other areas of the world.  Now those other areas of the world are faced with the loss of their land resources and have begun to feel the pain, as their wealth declines.  There is a direct connection between the land resources and the population which cannot be denied.  Less land and more people means more pain and suffering.  Businesses use a globalization strategy to pit countries against each other and in so doing they make trillions of dollars.

Most people don’t like it when someone comes and reduces their standard of living.  Our leaders generally talk their citizens into taking up arms and going to war.  Wars thin the populations and less people means more land for everyone left.  Lifestyles generally improve until populations rise again.  When populations push upwards pressure points pop up.  There are currently many of them all over the world.  Many times these pressure points are not identified as being population related; often they are called religious wars.  This is true but only in part.   Land control is nearly always a part of these pressures.

Wars are solutions that only give temporary relief, because they add land resources to surviving populations.  Without controlling their reproductive desires people have the freedom to have excessive amounts of children.  These children can than provide a cheap labor force, or military force, for those making money off the bigger situation.  Those businesses or political leaders do little to discourage families from over producing, because they know that war will thin the herd.  This strategy will make them extremely wealthy selling war related items or providing the banking transactions for the industries of war.

I am taking a risk for even talking about this subject of over population.  People who bring it up are generally ridiculed as being crazy or against God.  It is a subject that is looked down upon in a socially negative way.  Personally I like people; I like them enough not to want them sent off to war.  Why go to war when there is a peaceful solution to this problem?  We just need to make ourselves aware of the real impact our population has on living conditions.  This means we have to fess up to it, change our sexual behaviors, and be more personally responsible for our actions. 
In regards to the nature of people and land one thing is certain. The rules of multiple progression apply here, it will not take long before those people who originally sought improvement in some less populated country are back living under those same conditions that prompted them to leave there native land.  This is because the populations of their new home will grow.  Killing each other is a solution, but controlling our population ahead of time is in my opinion a more humane solution.

So, do you really believe there is enough land to accommodate more and more people?  I wish that was possible, but the Earth is finite.  The perspectives from both space and from Earth need to be taken seriously.  That is if we want our children to have a better lifestyle than ours.  If we don’t get serious, than they will have to live in a world that is even harsher than the one we live in today.

Wars today could very easily result in our total annihilation.  Perhaps we as a people don’t have control over this result.  Many of the world’s religions predict that mankind is in the end its own worst enemy.  If this is true, and it seems likely, than our only saving grace is what each of us does independently.  In my view God doesn't want us to destroy each other.  What parent wants that for his children?  Not a loving God as I believe he is.  Evil on the other hand doesn't care who suffers or dies.  It is your choice good or evil take your side. 

According to Wikipedia (see link at bottom) earth has about 11.1 billion acres of arable land.    Much of this land is not ideally suited for food production, but it has been adapted.  A lot of the land is susceptible to the effects of nature so production is depended on many factors; irrigation, flooding, drought, and fire are just some. The total land area of the earth is about 37,000,000,000 acres of which only 31% of it is arable or a little over 11 billion acres.      


I reserve the right to revise and extend my remarks.  


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