Saturday, April 18, 2015

Your Economic Plan
by:  David Michael Beachwood

Here is an interesting thought experiment.  Suppose that you were given the task of creating a new economical system; after the one we have today, failed.  You first might want to try to repair the one we have, or had; old habits are hard to break.  However, you quickly have second thoughts about that, because after all why repeat a process proven to failure.

Still, there will be a few people who will look at that old systems failure this way.  It really wasn't a failure at all.  In fact for about two percent of the people it was just perfect.  It allowed them to live like Kings and Queens.  In fact, when times were good, up to another eight percent of our population lived very high life styles indeed.  Thus basically the idea of this system being a failure, is only understood that way by those in the ninety percent group; or those who didn't fare very well in it.  There were times when that ninety percent group swelled to ninety nine percent.  Generally at that point sight improvements are made to appease and control the masses.  Still, when this old system contains that much disparity, it tends to draw negative attention.  The masses begin to wake up if only a little.

In this scenario the roughly two percent at the top got too greedy and actually caused the system to fail completely.  You see, in order for that top two percent to succeed, they needed a lot of people at the bottom to exploit.  They use those people by tapping the resources and skills that exist in that lower ninety eight percent group.  When their system worked well that 2% group, in a very real sense, shaved a little bit of wealth from each person in that bottom economic group.  Their exploitation made them extremely wealthy; excessively wealthy.  Even if they got a dollar from each person in that group they could become millionaire, even billionaire. 

By the way if you are used to hearing these percentages expressed as the 1% and the 99% groups feel free to continue to think of them that way.  I tend to allow them a little more of a spread, because I feel they use up to another 9% of the population to control the rest.  I also acknowledge that the real control in the 2% group, that I use, can really be refined down to perhaps 1/4 of 1%.   Those people, in their greed, unleash dark circumstances for the rest of humanity.  Their legacy has been, increased death and destruction.  Their price system has set the stage for all of these events.

The greed of this top two percent group is hard to quench.  They wanted larger and larger population bases to feed off of.  The problem here is those populations are mushrooming out of control.  Far too many of these potential exploitable people do not have work anymore and so they cannot contribute to the two percent's riches.  Instead those extra populations have started to become a burden on the social systems.  Of course that burden is not paid for by that top 2% group.  They always tend to push off that financial debt by reallocating a multitude of taxes and fees so that the bottom economic group gets the majority of that burden.  This is how the financial gap widens.  That gap grows as long as the top economic group pushes for policies of growth on their terms.  In this thought experiment, these above conditions brought about economic collapse. 

So now you are tasked with fixing things.  Which means coming up with a new economic system.  Guess what, you somehow don't want to change it, you know it is a bad system, but you believe that you don't have any alternatives.  Not wanting to think outside the box you end up wanting to recreating the same old system.  You find that those old players in the two percent group are eager to help you put your new system into place.  They have a lot of ideas that make your job a lot easier.  Those ideas tend to put those old players back in key places in this new system. 

Their system relies on strong financial, educational, political, and religious segments.  These sectors insure that the two percent gain complete control.  In the end you have a carbon copy of that very system that failed.  Guess what no one cares.  They believe just as you, that there isn't any other option.  They may not be happy, especially if they were not included in that top two percent, but there isn't much of a fuss at stopping it. 

Those four dynasties listed above, in  general, help to prevent a large uprising from occurring.  Financially people don't have money to stop it, remember most of the wealth ends up in the top 2%.  Then there is the education sector were the people are educated to accept the system through the schools, movies, television, radio, and newspapers.  The politicians of course get their marching orders from the business enterprises within the financial, and educational sectors so they quickly capitulate.  Lastly those religious groups are kept compliant and accepting by shrewd encouragement toward fragmentation of churches and government favors or threats. 

What if there was a better system?  I won't say it would be perfect, but suppose it would make 51%, or more, of the people a whole lot better off.  Would you agree, that a system which makes 51% of the people economically stable is better, than one that only allows at most 10% to be financially secure?

You might, if it were not for that educational dynasty who promotes that old system and dissuades you from looking into better ideas.  Why would they do that?  Easy because they want to continue to exploit the wealth from the 90% group.  By doing this they will not only be wealthy, but excessively wealthy.   In your new system they would have to be content with just being rich and not excessively rich.  In short all of those dynasties would put up road blocks so that that new system wouldn't stand much of a chance.

The excessive greed of only a few people is enough to spoil the plans for a better economic system.  They place huge obstacles in front of those in the lower economic group; those obstacles are hard to conquer.  However if you could conquer them, you would end up with a much more stable system.  You then would also have a system with a lot less corruption, much fairer, and one in which new inventors would flourish.  Technology would advance much more quickly.  Medicine would be less expensive and new procedures and cures would occur much more frequently.

In short civilizations across the world would have a greater chance at getting along due to the positive economic changes that could be made.  Once people have jobs and some money in their pockets they are far less likely to steal.  This alone will make society better.  Instead of stifling creativity through restrictive patents, designed to make the two percent group wealthier, new ideas would advance at a much faster rate.  Patents could be designed to make a far higher percentage of people wealthy, and a far greater number of people would benefit from new inventions or ideas. 

All these benefits work toward making everyone better off, not just the top two percent.  Even the current top 2% group will be better off.  Not in terms of excessive wealth, but they would benefit from the rapidly growing technological advancements.  Advancements which will give them better health, better entertainment, and better social conditions; which will reduce the crime rates.

This doesn't happen as rapidly now, because their greed suppresses new ideas, through their control on patents.  They do this so that they can reap excessive riches.  Without those suppressions other minds can quickly work on advancing products of all kinds.  For example, think of the rapid advancements in medicine that could take place.  In a world where patents are not restricted as greatly and more minds have access to all new ideas.

But back to are thought experiment.  You will find, as others in our past have, that you will fail at establishing a brand new system of economics.  You will instead install a system which looks very much like the one we have today.  Don't feel bad, no one for hundreds of years now, has been able to wrench control out of the hands of the 2% group, at least for very long.  Their control is too powerful.  Their greed is even more powerful.  In the end they will not let anyone build that better economic system.

I reserve the right to revise and extend my remarks.


“…………….For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covet means, for expanding its sphere of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion on subversion instead of elections on intimidation instead of free choice, on gorillas by night, instead of armies by day. Its is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit highly efficient machine that combines Military, Diplomatic, Intelligence, Economic, Scientific and Political operations. Its preparations are concealed not published its mistakes are buried not headlined; its dissenters are silenced not praised. No expenditure is questioned no rumor is printed no secret is revealed………………....................................” "President Kennedy's speech to The Press" To watch see side bar under: Videos-Social Issues

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