Monday, May 18, 2015

Riots and The Price System

by:  David Michael Beachwood
Is there a connection between our system of economics, aka: "The Price System" and the Riots that we have throughout the world?  I believe that there is, and the reason for this is that The Price System is based on the necessity of growth.  That growth isn't just economic growth, as we are told, but growth in population; it is absolutely necessary.  This need for population growth is the underlying reason for many of the so called religious, ethnic, and racial tensions in the world today.
This selfish economic system ignores it's responsible for these tensions.  Why, because that population growth is essential for The Price System's ability to produce wealth.    Unfortunately that wealth is confined to, at best, only 10% of the world's population.  Ninety percent of the world's population doesn't fair very well at all; under its design.
To start with you have to consider this.  In The Price System, there has to be far more customers than businesses.  The more customers a business has the more likely it is to succeed.  The bigger the number the better.  This high ratio of customers required for each business, presents an ever growing problem; no pun intended. Excessive populations do help the business owners, but not the customers.
When customers exist in abundance many problems begin to emerge.  However these problems are disproportionately experienced by the customers not the businesses.  No doubt, anyone who has had to stand in line or sit in a waiting room, for unreasonable lengths of time, can understand the common problems which excessive customers can generate.  However these inconveniences are just the tip of the iceberg. That is , compared to the real pressures that the price system exposes us to.  These are issues which people do not regularly consider.  Next to these issues, the long waits in line are just minor impositions.
Customers don't usually consider the following.  Excessive amounts of customers cause consumers to suffer the pains of increased supply and demand costs.  You see they not only have to compete for their place in line, but they have to compete for the products themselves.  When people stand in long lines they don't tend to think about this, but they should.
Their thoughts are more often about the hardships, which those long waiting intervals cause.  They worry about being late to work, late for appointments, or late for the commitments they have.  Hardly anyone thinks about the role that business has in setting up these miserable conditions.  Excessive customer competition is only one such condition they force us to face.  Remember their goal; the more customers the more profit.  This however is not the only problem they pass on to us.
Businesses, under this economic system, petition the government to constantly increase the population so that they can continue to have more customers.  While helpful for their business, it over taxes our social system.  It destroys our safety nets.  Why, because social programs can only be funded by customers with jobs; jobs that pay taxes.  Businesses, on the other hand, always tend to off load their tax burden on to their customers.
When large businesses seek to have excessively large pools of people at their beck and call, other negative stresses occur.  They only want the very best worker, after all.  Since there are nowhere near enough large businesses to employ everyone those pools of people can quickly become pools of, out of work people.  That is seldom if ever a good thing.  There are two major reasons why these conditions are harmful to our civilization.  These reasons are starting to get easier for our governmental leaders to perceive; yet they still do not understand.  They still are not wise to the fact that it is The Price System itself that causes all of our major problems.
Regarding those harmful effects on our civilization.  The first reason is that the more people that are out of work or underemployed, the less taxes they are able to pay; under their system.  Currently there are far fewer people contributing sufficiently enough to adequately support all of our social programs.
Reason number two, the above shortfall exasperates this next issue; the issue of idle hands and trouble.  Why, because generally social programs normally help to curb the stress on those that are unemployed.  Just as teens get into trouble, if they have too much time on their hands, so do adults.  Remember the businesses asked for those high populations.  They wanted a better selection of people to pick out the few workers they are prepared to hire.  They also need those extra people for customers; if they are to profit.
We shouldn't gloss over the fact that businesses seldom, if ever, want to pay more taxes.  Guess what, they generally don't; because even if those taxes are imposed, businesses generally find a way of passing those taxes back onto their customers.  This has always been a staple condition for any large business to operate under. 
Currently, however, there are far too many of their customers who are unemployed.  You might question how unemployed people can still be customers?  Many actually do work, but their jobs are not the kind that anyone should want.  Their work opportunities exist "under the radar" and they are generally the kinds of jobs where taxes are not going to be paid.  They require activities which are often not above board.
With insufficient quantities of real valid jobs to allow them to sustain themselves, many unemployed people take up unlawful activities which provide them with money.  Since this "system of economics" revolves around money, we all should understand the criminals need for money.  Why, because we need money for the same reasons.  Money is necessary for food, clothing, and shelter.  How important are these things?  Do I really need to ask?
We are told that criminals generally steel to feed their bad habits.  Yes many people use money for alcohol and drugs; both criminals and honest tax payers.  While addictive behavior exasperates the problems there still remains the need for food clothing and shelter.  People who don't have the high paying jobs, or perhaps no honest work at all, generally tend to seek money anyway they can.  Seeking money is a required standard under "The Price System."
Here is one unspoken secret, at least by the main stream media; the economic system they support does not generate an adequate number of jobs to keep people from resorting to desperate measures.  It is a system where nearly everything has a price on it; therefore everyone needs money.  Why shouldn't we blame that system for creating the conditions where riots can occur?  Nearly everyone, especially those in charge of the system, understands that money is the root of all evil; this wisdom is ignored by nearly everyone; it seems.  It stands to reason then, that a system, such as the one we have, can only cause more problems than it cures.
The Price System is designed to provide, at best, about two percent of the world's population with jobs that allow extremely superior lifestyles.  These people live like royalty; as if they were kings, queens, or nobles.  At best another eight percent live lives which allow them to afford all the things they need and want.  In return they are asked to not rock the boat.  They are tasked, often unknowingly, with keeping things in place for that upper two percent. 
This means that the remaining ninety percent of  the people are there to support the lifestyles of those who control the system.  Over ninety percent of the people are basically pawns in The Price System.  Most of them are being used to enrich those who control the system.  This is the two percent's business plan, and hey it works for them; and has for hundreds of years now.
Today with the economic stress ever increasing on the poor, more and more people are beginning to see and understand the economic disparity that exist between the rich and poor. Under The Price System's rules there is no such thing as having too much money.  We are all encourage to gain as much wealth as "we think" we can.  Funny, but only two percent ever seem to achieve this.
The media does not typically point out that having excessive amounts of wealth might really be a negative thing; a form of sickness.  Remember we are taught that we should all strive to "roll in dough."  There isn't anything wrong with that.  It is, after all, a price system standard.  It has to be or those with all that money would be forced to give some of it up. 
Privatization is taught as the best thing for society.  How can that be, if only 10% of the population has a real good chance of securing a job capable of making them a millionaire. Think about it, only 1 out 10 makes it into that group. That means 90 people out of every 100 will not be able to make it.  On a worldwide scale that means that billions of people are losers under this system.
Remember we are all taught that there is no shame in "rolling in dough."  So generally, when those fortunate few get control, they hoard excessively.  Sharing is not taking place and the evidence for this is the growing disparity between the rich and poor.  Even in the face of this factual evidence we are continually told that private industry is the best thing ever. 
Private industry is given more and more power.  Powers that place the bulk of our populations under the servitude of the price system.  We owe a great debt to the private bankers of the world.  I don't mean this as an accolade; we literally owe trillions of dollars to the bankers; and that is just here in the United States.  The world's debt, to those bankers is even larger.  It is to the point that we are asking our children to work off our debt.  Yet our leaders tell us, all is well and their system is the best thing ever.
I hope it is getting easier for you to see that their system is making things better; for them.  It is however making conditions worse for the majority of people in the world.  Those conditions are bad enough today to possibly cause two things to happen.  One, those in control might change their system to be more fair or they could put more effort into controlling the people who are just beginning to riot. 
It is more likely that they will find ways to control more people.  Why, because in doing so they will be able to have more and more money.  Will they ever admit that Privatization isn't the best tool to achieve fairness; I think not.  They make too much money to give up their power.  Will we ever rid ourselves of The Price System?  It isn't likely; at least by our hands.  It is an evil system, but very few people realize this.  Most people just do not consider how the economic system itself could really be the major reason they are so miserable.  
Should we really worship money; the Price System seems to encourage this.
I reserve the right to revise and extend my remarks.


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