Thursday, August 28, 2014

by:  David Michael Beachwood

While doing research for a blog article titled “How Big is our Earth” I found that there is roughly 11 billion acres of traditional arable prime land on Earth.  That land of course has been sought after by countless generations.  Now think about all that land as being property on a giant Monopoly board. Of course, it isn't really possible to reduce the complexities of “The Price System”, AKA our system of commerce, to a mere board game.  However, the comparison, as far as the relevance of land is concerned, has some merit.  Countless people over time have had the opportunity to go around that giant board and secure its prime properties first.  Many of those players are the so called “old money” magnets that still exist today.  They, long ago, secured control over a huge amount of land for themselves and their heirs.  These inheritances are part of The Price Systems rules.

History has also recorded that much of our arable land has changed hands several times over; often in some very cruel ways.  Many times land has been claimed by unjust actions, such as through deceit, subtle occupation, illegal migration, or just plain intimidation.  Even today we often see land being taken away from the weak by more powerful forces.  Properties have also been secured through mortgages, perhaps the least invasive means, but not without its painful pitfalls.  All of these methods are allowed under The Price Systems rules; despite anyone's belief to the contrary.  

All of the above is evidenced in recorded history.  For the most part, all major land losses have been documented in our history books.  For example, the migrations of people to the Americas.  This caused the existing populations there to be displaced.  Numerous border clashes occurred and untold amounts of hardships took place.   These untold tales of hardship result because history, for the most part, tends to report the story of the victors not the losers, but that is another article for another day.  In Europe plagues and wars displaced populations countless times, causing boundaries to change over and over again.  Even today wars rage all over the planet.  Most of these conflicts, if one looks into it, have something to do with this 11 billion acre treasure of arable land.  All life on earth, plants and animals included, vies for their share of this prime land in some way.  In that nature strives for balance I believe it is safe to say that. 

You vie for this land when you go to the store to buy food grown on it, or for the wood required to build your house.  Animals vie for their habitat as well.  They also are in competition for its resources to feed themselves.  Remember that there are about 7.5 billion people on earth.  There are easily that many animals on earth as well.  Many of them exist to supply us our food requirements, or simply for our pleasure.  The wild animals also require other animals to use as their food sources.  Some of those animals might eat insects and these insects also eat or use land resources.  The point here is that each creature not only requires space, but also requires food in this predominately arable land area.  When you add up all the space requirements of all the living creatures in this 11 billion acre area there isn't enough to make us all happy.

What causes this fiction?  Let’s just consider the human perspective here.  Humans can peacefully buy and sell their shares in this land, if they own any.  However, when there isn't a way for new human populations, that is, new players on our giant monopoly board, to peacefully secure land, than very often violence breaks out.  Today people who haven’t inherited a place on the board are at a definite disadvantage.  The reason for this has to do with a simple economic principle called supply and demand.  If we just take the human population and divide the arable land up equally the math is straight forward:  7.5 billion people divided into 11 billion arable acres gives us roughly 1.5 acres per person.  That may seem like a lot of land for each of us.  However, dividing the land this way poses a big problem.  If all the land is used up by each of us than were is there room for all the other necessary things.

In other words there wouldn't be any land allocated for roads to travel on.  There also wouldn't be any organized areas for gas stations, car dealerships, repair shops, grocery stores, department stores, and the necessary parking for all of these facilities.  We would also have to face the fact that we would lose many of our national and state parks.  County and city parks would also be gone.  No room would be set aside for baseball, football, or soccer fields.   We also wouldn't have land for schools, hospitals, power plants, or factories to make our goods.  Airports, train stations, even bus terminals wouldn't have any area to occupy.  I bet you can think of countless other things that we wouldn't have as well.    There simply would not be any land for these necessary things if we each had our own 1.5 acres.

This thought experiment demonstrates the lack of a very necessary resource here on earth; good arable land to give us all a better standard of living.  Today many of us have to give up our claim to a share of this land and resolve to rent an apartment on Baltic Avenue.  Worst yet there are billions of us which cannot even afford to play the game.  I hope this discussion helps you to understand that there just isn't enough arable land to support a high standard of living for everyone currently on the planet.  There hasn't been enough of this land to accomplish this for a long time now. Not under the rules of The Price System.

If there isn't already enough land then how does it work today?  It doesn't really work well except for those who control the board; remember its just monopoly to them.  Their rules actually only favor about ten percent of our world’s population.  A good percentage of the world’s population isn't even offered a place on the board.  If you’re not on the board you might be stuffed into some overcrowded city somewhere around the world living a homeless lifestyle.  Many of these cities quickly become slums.  

The lack of an abundant arable land supply is also masked by an unquestioned trick that the main players use. They have found a way of selling scrub land off as if it is just as good as the prime land; some have convinced us that it is even better.  Many people are living in deserts, on mountains or in wet lands; most of which are lands that are less supportive of life.

If you’re living on Marvin Gardens or Park Place you’re happy.  If you can’t afford to play, then you are not so happy.   Those board players who have control over the land resources control the game.  Consequently most people on earth don’t own arable land, don’t own a house, don’t own much at all.    Since there are a lot more people than there is prime property on the board, most end-up paying rent or they do without.  The cheaper rents of course are in the more crowded and dumpy areas. 

The players that own the property have either been around for years or have fought over the land to take control of its resources.  They of course want to make money off of it so they want to rent it out to improve their lifestyles.  They have added high rise apartment buildings and the like to assure their success.  Now for them renting their property is easier if they have plenty of people all wanting to rent it.  They therefore encourage large populations.  To them more potential players mean more customers.  By doing this they can charge higher rents, this is good for them.  However, lifestyles get a whole lot worse for those who have very little.  Why, because now there is even less land resources to go around.  As the population grows more and more, people grow more and more desperate and do awful things to get a share.  This is the game that The Price System sets up.  It makes them rich, but makes troubles for everyone else.

Monopoly the board game is fun because no one really loses any real property, but the real life game of monopoly is shameful.   The Price System serves those who control the prime properties.  This would be mostly those 11 billion arable land acres.  This system which even the poor have all bought into is setting up the demise of our planet.  The main players don’t care who gets hurt; as long as it isn't them.  Their Price System is in place to protect them.  They cause most of our world’s problems by skimming the creme for themselves leaving little to none for others.  In part they do this by fanning the flames of population growth.   This than creates the atmosphere for the ghetto’s and slums that we would all much rather not be anywhere around.  So you see that even with limited land resources to divide between us, they still have encouraged excessive populations to make this situation worse.  This creates the despair that crimes and sins grow in.  They use this despair to create wars in which they sell the weapons for us to kill each other.  That is another game they play as if monopoly wasn't bad enough.

I reserve the right to revise and extend my remarks.


“…………….For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covet means, for expanding its sphere of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion on subversion instead of elections on intimidation instead of free choice, on gorillas by night, instead of armies by day. Its is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit highly efficient machine that combines Military, Diplomatic, Intelligence, Economic, Scientific and Political operations. Its preparations are concealed not published its mistakes are buried not headlined; its dissenters are silenced not praised. No expenditure is questioned no rumor is printed no secret is revealed………………....................................” "President Kennedy's speech to The Press" To watch see side bar under: Videos-Social Issues

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